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​We are a professional team who really understand Higher Education.  We're experienced, knowledgeable, down to earth and approachable.  

We come from a wide range of backgrounds and with an equally wide range of professional qualifications.  What we have in common with one another is considerable Higher Education experience.  We understand the risks that universities face - especially in the current fast changing environment. We bring this context to every audit and concentrate on the areas that matter. Our in-depth knowledge means that we can get to the heart of the risks quickly and spend time working with you on solutions.

We adopt ideas and approaches from outside Higher Education and with that in mind we recruit from all backgrounds. We have also developed partnership arrangements with our peers in other sectors. We arrange regular staff secondments with member universities so our staff build an even closer understanding of university environments and of real life risks and management approaches.

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Uniac apply a high level of independence and integrity.

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