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choose uniac Working with Uniac has never been easier

Uniac is 25 years old this year and there has never been a better time to choose us as your internal auditor. We are a talented team of dedicated and highly experienced specialists with a real passion for Higher Education drawn from the very best of sector experience and beyond. We do things differently here and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get involved.

Option 1: Become a member and help us shape the future of internal audit

We think internal audit has so much more to offer Higher Education. Deeper engagement. Better informed and trusted opinion based on unrivalled knowledge of the sector and the issues it faces. No more simplistic checklist audits.

That’s what we deliver and we’d love to show you what internal audit can really do. There is no need to initiate a tender exercise to become a member – any institution can simply join.  

You will get the same professional dedicated service as our clients and join our members in owning Uniac and, through our Board, overseeing our strategic direction and objectives. Annual comparisons of our fees to sector averages[1] ensure you are always guaranteed of getting value for money without having to re-tender; and you can end your membership with us at any time for any reason.

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Option 2: Become a client and get all the benefits of a dedicated HE professional team

If membership isn’t right for you we can, and do, serve institutions via a traditional client relationship through responding to invitations to tender.  Familiar to those that have contracted with the big accounting firms we understand the familiarity of using tender processes to obtain value and would be happy to respond to invitations.

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Not sure which? Trial options are available!

Whether as a member or client we are keen to prove our worth and understand that committing to a new internal audit provider can be a big decision. For that reason, without requiring a tender process, we offer trial client periods from one-off assignments up to two years[2].



[1] As provided by BUFDG in their annual survey.
[2] As long as the total value of the contract if you join us as a client is less than the EU tender threshold.

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