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Data Protection and GDPR

Protection of data, both personal and commercial, is a key consideration for any organisation. For universities, safeguarding student and employee personal data is critical to ensure continued trust in the institution.

Creation, transmission, storage and retention of data, in any format, is a complex area and one which is increasingly under the spotlight from regulators and the media.  The General Data Protection Regulation which comes into force in May 2018 raises the bar significantly - creating heightened accountability; together with a need for clearer consent processes; faster handling of subject access requests; and clearer contracts with third parties; all against the backdrop of potentially significantly increased penalties. 

We have specialist knowledge and experience available to help universities comply with relevant legislation and protect this valuable resource; and to provide a healthcheck of progress towards GDPR compliance.

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Ian Musgrave

Ian Musgrave

0161 247 4697
  • Ian is Uniac's Head of IT Assurance. 
  • He has twenty-five years' internal audit experience across a range of sectors, including at the Bank of England, as well as heading the IT Assurance team in a "Big 4" practice.
  • Ian has significant Higher Education experience and combines an understanding of the wider IT environment and the particular needs of the Higher Education sector.

We feel we are getting a tailored service that is responsive to our needs and built around Higher Education experience.

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