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Higher Education Compliance Requirements

All organisations must comply with a host of legal and regulatory requirements.  Three sets of requirements, though, play out in a unique way in UK Higher Education: immigration compliance for staff and students (UKVI); Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) compliance; and the Universities UK Accommodation Code for the management of student residences.  

UKVI and CMA requirements, and their interpretation, continue to evolve rapidly.  Both are complex areas and both can also place significant strain on higher education providers to ensure continued compliance.  UKVI in particular can pose significant financial risk, while CMA requirements may expose institutions to reputational and, in the event of successful claims, financial risk.

Although longer established, the Universities UK Accommodation Code (which provides universities with an alternative to having residences regulated as houses of multiple occupation) has recently been updated.  Reflecting the depth of our knowledge, Uniac were heavily involved in the update process and are well placed to advise universities about compliance in this important field.     

Though less specific to Higher Education, Uniac also has strong expertise in Data Protection / GDPR and Health and Safety compliance. 

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Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson

0161 247 1818
  • ​With rules constantly changing, Joe keeps abreast of the latest developments through his contacts at the UKVI including discussions on our audit approach to ensure this is compliant with expectations.
  • In a similar vein, Joe has kept himself up to date with the revised requirements and has carried out full compliance audits across our member institutions.

They have an enthusiasm and appetite for their work that we have not seen in previous internal audit providers.

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