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​In a dynamic field growing in size and complexity, Uniac provides the perfect balance of experience and up to the minute sector expertise.

There are several distinct aspects to Uniac’s IT offerings:

As you would expect we are strong on the fundamentals such as business continuity and IT security, including network security, while being sensitive to the business requirements, including openness, that are inherent in universities’ operations. In particular we can offer support in responding to the recent UUK Policy Briefing on Cyber Security. The delivery of IT is changing enormously - we are adept and experienced in auditing virtual and cloud operating environments.

Of course there is much more to IT than security and delivery. From a user perspective we can advise on how IT is being used - safely and effectively - to streamline processes; deliver services more efficiently and effectively; and support the student experience.

On IT and non-IT audits alike our audit software allows us to test whole populations extremely quickly and efficiently, pulling out exceptions for further examination and delivering robust assurance.

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Ian Musgrave

Ian Musgrave

0161 247 4697
  • Ian is Uniac's Head of IT Assurance. 
  • He has twenty-five years' internal audit experience across a range of sectors, including at the Bank of England, as well as heading the IT Assurance team in a "Big 4" practice.
  • Ian has significant Higher Education experience and combines an understanding of the wider IT environment and the particular needs of the Higher Education sector.

We chose Uniac because of their sector expertise and competitive pricing. They provide good value for money.

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