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​Universities compete for students, research and staff at home and internationally, so a clear and effective marketing strategy is essential.

Good marketing ensures that each university’s offer is aligned with areas where there is strong potential demand. Good promotion is inspirational and informative and accompanies more traditional media and approaches with newer forms of networking. It helps institutions compete and ensures that students, staff and research sponsors begin their relationship with their university well-informed and with the right expectations.

Being Higher Education specialists, Uniac provides the tools for creating demand-led creative marketing approaches.   For help in this field, please contact us.

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Silla Maccario

Silla Maccario

0161 247 2925
  • ​Silla has a background in marketing and uses this knowledge when undertaking audits of student admissions and recruitment.
  • She has extensive experience of enrolment, retention and student experience reviews across our member institutions.

We chose Uniac because of their sector expertise and competitive pricing. They provide good value for money.

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