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Project Assurance

Rather than auditing major system developments or other major change projects after they have gone live, Uniac prefer to audit major change at its design stage.  This reduces the risk of costly alterations post implementation; offers you increased assurance that risks are being controlled from day one; and ensures that excessive layers of control - and therefore cost - are not being designed into new systems or processes.

Our approach to project audit is based upon building a strong understanding of how new systems and supporting processes will work in their live state.  Recognising that project teams work in a very dynamic environment and to tight deadlines, we work quickly and flexibly to respond to system proposals, helping the project team as a whole to meet their targets. 

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Sean Ryan

Sean Ryan

0161 247 2856
  • ​Sean is the Lead Director of Uniac.
  • He has twenty years' experience in higher education covering all aspects of university accountability, funding, governance and management.
  • His particular interests are in student recruitment, admissions and retention; together with workforce planning and performance management and development of staff.
  • Prior to joining Uniac he qualified as a chartered accountant which he later supplemented with an MBA.  He worked both in practice and in banking - both of which were excellent training grounds for his current role.
  • Outside of the sector, he chairs an audit committee within an arts organisation. 
Ian Musgrave

Ian Musgrave

0161 247 4697
  • Ian is Uniac's Head of IT Assurance. 
  • He has twenty-five years' internal audit experience across a range of sectors, including at the Bank of England, as well as heading the IT Assurance team in a "Big 4" practice.
  • Ian has significant Higher Education experience and combines an understanding of the wider IT environment and the particular needs of the Higher Education sector.

We feel we are getting a tailored service that is responsive to our needs and built around Higher Education experience.

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