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Student Experience (and Supporting Processes)

​QAA and institutional requirements demand consistent, equitable, robust and transparent student facing processes.

Diverse activities ranging from applications and admissions handling through to ongoing daily contact with university staff and assessment and feedback processes affect students' experience.  Institutions will have internal methods to measure the effectiveness of their processes - more formally, and publicly, the National Student Survey offers students the opportunity to rate their experiences.

The new market in Higher Education is leading to an increase in student expectations regarding the levels of service and support provided. All universities have embarked on initiatives to help optimise student experience, demonstrating value to current students, retaining students and attracting future applicants. Our experience includes reviews of many aspects of the student experience, including induction, retention processes, accommodation and personal tutoring.

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Silla Maccario

Silla Maccario

0161 247 2925
  • ​Silla has a background in marketing and uses this knowledge when undertaking audits of student admissions and recruitment.
  • She has extensive experience of enrolment, retention and student experience reviews across our member institutions.

Uniac apply a high level of independence and integrity.

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